Missed Opportunity

Black hair, sifted through my fingertips

Your dark eyes, meeting mine for the first time

Muscling in green clad love and rocks

Seabirds and saltiness stain our spirits

Which laugh in unison at the 

Absurd, glorious choking and loveliness 

Of life and how well-spent

Bend time in two, fold and rend

Until the sea overtakes your love 

Drowning her and keeping vigil For her 

Disappeared without yourself 

Pain floods my head when I think 

About desire

Not true Desire 

A jeering and impossible echo 

Stealing me away from reality 

From you

My head splits, torn between an imagined past 

An unlikely future

Noise, tear and render 

Fat and tallow bubbling

Underneath the skin

Glistening with blood  

Honey, poisoned with your tears 

Raised wild and bright from the killing fields 

Horses run reckless and riled 

Sent from the depths 

Of the sea inside 

Heart turned to sepulcher 

Mind turned to tomb 

My thoughts doomed to uncertainty 

Within uncertainty 

Within hesitation

The truth lies 

Every twisted word 

Every longing glance

Betrays the Real 

Devotion bound to emotion bound to indifference 

Stomach churning images of lust 

Bloated and razed like my mind 

Acid sex giving way to 

Smooth mind and body 

Knowing transmuted into suffering 

Sublimate my soul for your body 

Lingerie stained with red wine 

Delight in the poetry of life and of love 

Delight in every early morning and late night 

Candlelit vigils to your perfection 

Sufi wine and omelettes served with birdsong

Using stolen words to describe you 

Stealing from greatness to describe you 

Even greatness isn’t able 

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