last day of summer

We will slip back into innocence, and revel in its intoxicating embrace

The wind rustling, shifting, picking up yet another spring snow

In a week’s time it will be summer and 

We will be warm and we will be joyous

We can be alone with each other

Being Being Being! Around you is like 

The snow it kisses my face and it reminds me of you white and perfect and powerful and soft  

I love when the snow doesn’t know what month it is 

I would love you but maybe I shouldn’t for if I wish for you too long I will become lost in my own desire, made a slave to my passion but is that such a bad thing? 

I listen for the sounds of the coming summer

The insects buzzing the wind sighing with heady relief

My misfortune is knowing that your beauty won’t allow me to be with you 

Your beauty won’t allow me to be warm and in your bed 

I curse language itself for keeping the truth just that far away

The way I think about you I just want to say without saying, and I hope you know without really knowing 

Kids, playing outside

Wrapped in sunshine and kissed by God

We were just kids 

And now we’re laying under a tree 

The night is warm 

I pass the wine and we drink because we think it’s fun 

And we laugh, thinking about those kids 

Thinking about how they grew up 

And how they are us 

And how we are happy, 

together and alone

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