avant-garde hangover

You run, nude, studded with splinters Hair that is finespun and sunkissed  Cascading down the gentle slopes of your shoulders Secret, cold, and available A man loves a woman he never touches. A beauty that has been complicated And deferred. Poetic insult in the  Small hours of the morning.  attempts at out-and-out performative prostration. IdolatryContinue reading “avant-garde hangover”

Memory and Dream and Encounter

I’ve been thinking about you for awhile  Days and nights spent in the unrelenting prison of your memory,  A time when i considered every text you sent scripture A time when a single thought of you could derail my week  Well, time is so sweet once it’s been expired  And unnoticeable when its happening aroundContinue reading “Memory and Dream and Encounter”

threnody for the victims of michel foucault

Hastily  Why so hastily  Friendship, forged in love  Hastily tossed away  I feel as though we were never friends  Waking dreams of a life with you A life that is more than a little unlikely  To have you might as well be impossible But in my day-dream you are with me Nuzzling your rosy cheeksContinue reading “threnody for the victims of michel foucault”