threnody for the victims of michel foucault


Why so hastily 

Friendship, forged in love 

Hastily tossed away 

I feel as though we were never friends 

Waking dreams of a life with you

A life that is more than a little unlikely 

To have you might as well be impossible

But in my day-dream you are with me

Nuzzling your rosy cheeks deeper into my chest

You are, you just simply are!

Woman, how I envy you…

For you ARE and yet i still must BECOME

And I lay there awake, for I would dare not miss seeing you asleep

Asleep you are God 

Your breath warm and steady

Your hair unkempt (you never brush it) 

Your body clinging to mine 

Your soft skin,like an infants

The rise and fall of your bosom 

You always complain about your body to me

Even in our closest moments

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