she is impossible 

spinning down and around

reaching for happiness like roots breaking through stone in search 

of water 

for how could someone so steadfastly wonderful,

be possible? 

the blonde so unaware of her existence 

when she is alone in her room 

with the door closed 

she is gone 

when they are alone in their bedrooms

girls no longer exist 

they wrap around themselves endlessly

until the end of time

she cries and you don’t comfort her 


you walk beside me in a grey peacoat
we are with friends

there is something dark lurking within you 

you are no longer beside me

you lay in a miserable heap

unsuccessfully hiding your sorrow

tears breaking free from you 

making their way down porcelain cheeks

I am struck, bewildered that someone who possesses such beauty 

could become so powerless 

it is only within fidelity that sorrow can take root 

i buy you some green tea 

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