remember when today pale fire

overtook the early morning 

which lasts

so very very long

when in the morning you rest 

remember that life is not only beautiful 

and not only worth living but it is 

impossible not to give life all of your love

sugar is my love for life 

sweetness under my breath

sick from sweetness encasing 

my heart and lungs

squeezing me for my semen

and you’re coffee breath

bodies in a heap

drifting ever downwards

mattress full of bees 

and honey 

my blood is thick and full of spiders

spackl’d pig’s flesh

bloated and fatty 

and though my life is filled with sorrow 

your joy for life is enough 

until tomorrow 

so let that morning light make its way in 

and remember how that pale fire 

illuminated our life and love 


and i will leave this beautiful sepulchre 


the way i entered it 

stark, raving, unintelligible

red and white with sallow hanging skin 

the glint of endlessness overtaking my dark eyes 

a shambolic and flailing disaster

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