Suddenly life was there 

Enveloping, warm, bright, the comfort of living and loving filling and riddling my body with pangs of pleasure 

All it took was seeing you 

your smile

Your eyes, full of tenderness that is older than you 

You are mother and infant, nature’s beauty into flesh 

even the passing thought of you and your laugh and body and mind sends me into the throes of devotion, devotional fits of submission and intolerance  

Focusing on the thought of you is dangerous, I will tear myself apart with tears 

Is love something that you can feel?

Love is lower than desire

Desire is the Dionysian and love is the Apollonian 

Every organ in my body screams to know every organ in yours 

I used to delude myself into thinking you felt the same way 

And i know i’ve deluded myself into knowing you feel the same way 

For you must,

Am i only person in the world possessed with this sort of fiendish passion?

You are life to me 

Some say that life is the little things 

I didn’t understand the little things before i met you

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