let love in

Sometimes i cant write anything

Only feel what i want to write 

Thinking about what might have been 

What could be 

Trying to bend words and phrases 

Towards making my feelings known to you 

forsaking language altogether

Its shortcomings, its failures 

How could i use something as grotesque as language 

To describe you

Language, which twists and burns and rapes meaning

Language, which falls so far away 

From what my heart wants to say 

My heart wants to let yours know

That it beats in time with it 

And that with every beat of your heart, 

You give me one more second of life

One more second to think about you 

Every time you open your eyes

To meet mine

I see you for the first time

The sweeping curves of your hips

The tenderness in your eyes 

That exists from infant days 

You bosom lulling me into

Quiet submission

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